Can I publish a series on NeonMob?

Are you an artist? We'd love to see your ideas for a digital trading card series and are inviting select people to publish their art on NeonMob. To be considered, submit an example of your art on our Submissions page and get feedback from other users.

We're inviting artists with popular submissions, and those we believe would make especially good series, to create and publish their own series on NeonMob. 

When collectors purchase packs of your series, you can earn earn up to 70% of sales. Exclusive series provide 70% of sales to artists while non-exclusive series provide 30% of sales to creators. To be paid on NeonMob, you must have a PayPal account and be able to receive payments.

Learn more and submit your art

Artwork from Marija Turina's Art Snacks

Artwork from Marija Turina's Art Snacks