Will You Help This Man Complete His Cowburger Quest?

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NeonMob user Sam Van Royen, aka @sampersand, wants your Art Snacks Cowburger prints. More precisely, he wants 666 Cowburger prints, 66 Cowburger sketches, #1 of each of these cards, and the original sketch by Art Snacks creator Marija Tiurina. Can you help him?

On March 20, Sam posted his request for help on his "#epicquest" via NeonMob's G+ page: "& thus my quest continues to own 666 copies of the cowburger print and 66 copies of cowburger sketch + the 1 and only original sketch... 114 to go and 49 to go. Almost there yet a long way to go… :D Thanks to all you guys who helped me to get this far already! "

There has to be a story behind this specific of a quest, I thought, and how close was Sam – a graphic and webdesigner in Belgium – to completing his Cowburger collection, I wondered. So I reached out to the man himself and asked him a few questions.

Sam Van Royen's "Burger Time" print. Notice the print number. 

Sam Van Royen's "Burger Time" print. Notice the print number. 

What inspired this quest? Why 666? Is there some kind of connection between Cowburger and the devil that we're all missing?

It all started with checking out several burger joints with some of my friends. Getting specialized in tasting burgers, looking for the best burger joints in Belgium, I created a Riso-printed poster of which I created a limited print of 66 copies! [of which I framed number 6/66 for myself ;-) ].

Hamburgers, pizza, and Belgian fries are seen as the three "devilish foods" lately, as they are the worst for one's diet. Every time I eat a burger it seems like I'm closer to making a pact with the devil :D. Apart from the devil reference, I have a bad relation with the numbers 3 and 6… I have had the worst links with these two numbers, breaking my arms in the 3rd grade of kindergarten and primary school… broke my wrist (badly) when I was in sixth grade of primary… Been single for six years now… So yeah! All this makes me have a strange relation with 3 & 6!

When the Art Snacks collection was released I immediately noticed the holy cow burger. Cows being seen as "holy animals" in Asian countries made me (again) see us as barbarians that eat cows (devilish).

At first I was trying to get #6 of both prints, because I believed there was not a #1 in circulation. Why? Due to the text on the cowburger: "(…) you'll never find ONE, anywhere! (…)" Yet I changed my goal when talking to Mike, who ensured me #1s ARE in circulation.

How close are you to completing each of the criteria? 

Well… that can be answered in numbers!

• Cowburger: 621 of the 666 I want! (VERY CLOSE)

• Cowburger sketch 18 of 66 (long way to go)

• Collect #1 of both cards… (still need both)

• Collect the original sketch made by Marija Tiurina: "CHECK"!

Framed original sketch from Marija Tiurina! 

Framed original sketch from Marija Tiurina! 

When do you think you will reach your goal?

I would love to see my Cowburger prints completed before May. As for the sketches, somewhere at the end of 2015 I hope. To collect the #1 cards? Maybe on my birthday! :D (29/06) haha!

Are people more or less willing to trade Cowburger prints/sketches when they know about why you're doing it?

Boris ("the doctor") is also trying to gather as many copies of a specific card. He is gathering the Mimic Shapeshifter of the Confictura set! [This] inspires the hardcore-collectors to collect in strange ways, e.g. "collect all the variants" without having a single one of the core collection etcetera…

Fun part is — when I tell people within the trade request that I am trying to achieve my goal (666/66/2 * #1) they all call me crazy, being driven by the devil to achieve these goals :D But all find it marvelous to build on this dream to achieve these goals!

Hardcore collectors have rules, ya know.

Hardcore collectors have rules, ya know.

Good luck, Sam!