Announcing Codex Fungi

When you don’t know mushrooms, you think they are just weird plant-like things popping around with all kinds of caps. But even that is false! They are not plants — they form a distinct reign called the Fungus Kingdom. That’s what mycologists will tell you. What they too don’t know is that the Fungus Kingdom is not just a name used for some scientific classification, but also a plane of existence in which can be witnessed the true shape — the veritable essence of fungi.

The Fungus Kingdom is a world that is very close to ours, allowing us to share our reality with the most basic forms of toadstools. But there is a way to fully access this dimension and explore its mysteries: fairy rings. Fairy rings are portals. Stay in the middle of one of them, summon the fungi spirits with utter respect, and you shall be able to see mushrooms in all their glory.

Artist Jæn (@jaen) has explored only a small fraction of this world, and what cameras cannot take, he drew. He used a special color coding system to give some additional information on the species: 

Regular brown frames mean that the mushrooms can be found in our reality because they leave on both planes (you might already know them).

White frames mean that you have to go through a fairy ring under a full moon and wait for the fungus spirit Luna Plena to escort you. These are the xenofungus, for they do not live on our plane, even if you will find out that they may have found a way to inspire humans through mysterious ways. Fungus magic!

Black frames mean that you have to visit the ring under a new moon, and have a Luna Nova spirit be your guide. You will be able to see the metafungus — godlike entities that you should approach with extreme attention and respect. Seriously. You don’t want to end up covered with mycosis!

Behold the wonders of the Mushroom Kingdom, gather all the pieces of the Codex Fungi!