Welcome to The Orphanage, a wickedly wonderful 100-piece set by Vaughn Pinpin — available now on NeonMob

Welcome to the Elsabeth Grinn Home for the Peculiar and the Unwanted, a place established in the latter part of the 19th Century in the repurposed Grinn Manor, the clan’s family estate home. It’s a rather dreary, crooked mansion, complete with an almost inaccessible attic, a family cemetery, a treacherous forest, and a view of the blackest and murkiest lake.


Elsabeth Grinn was the last of the Grinn family and therefore she inherited the vast fortunes of the clan along with Grinn Manor. And for a while, she found herself living alone in it with her only child. Elsabeth’s husband mysteriously disappeared after the baby was born.

And just as a storm raged on the night Elsabeth lost her husband, so did she with her only child. She was stricken with grief and filled with love she no longer had anyone to give. She ran into the forest with her child slumped and lifeless in her arms as tears fell from her eyes. She returned hours later alone to her large ancestral mansion. Her baby was nowhere to be found on her.


And as she surveyed her hollow home, she was vexed with an idea to remedy her loneliness. So Elsabeth spent a sizable amount of her vast inheritance to convert her home into an orphanage for the special children who were denied love, which she felt she had more than enough to spare.

But during the first year of running her orphanage — and on the first anniversary of the death of her child — she hung herself in the attic! And still the orphanage stands with a dark past and a dark future.

Now here you are, a visitor of The Orphanage. And through your journey, you will meet the current residents of these dark halls. No one is truly safe under the roof of this mansion, not anymore.


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Bonus: Go behind the scenes with Vaughn Pinpin to learn about the secret origins of The Orphanage!