Top 10 3" Dunnies by Kidrobot

Have you ever waited outside your local Kidrobot store to be one of the first people to pull a ??/?? chase?  Have you ever trolled the Kidrobot forums to find out when the newest set is coming out, or to check out what cool customs are being offered?  Have you ever gotten yourself up at the butt-crack of dawn to wait in line at San Diego Comic Con to snag one of the extremely-limited SDCC chases?  If so, this list is for you.  No, you won’t find the Series 1 gold and silver dunnies or the Huck Gee skullheads here. Those are too obvious.  This is true top 10 list for hardcore dunny collectors.

#10. Abe Lincoln by Abe Lincoln, Jr. (Series 3)

Abe Lincoln Jr.

An Abe Lincoln-themed dunny designed by an actual artist named Abe Lincoln Jr.? Our minds are blown. This happens to be the first dunny, from what we can tell, that makes reference to a real historical event.  So thanks, Kidrobot, for teaching us… uh, where our fine abolitionist president got shot in the head.

#9.  Gorilla by Sket-One (Series 4)

Gorilla Sket One Dunny

Sket-One designed the first dunny that makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside – not just because he’s cute, but because he’s actually fuzzy!  Kidrobot has used this trick on other dunnies before, notably on Kathie Olivas’ Series 5 dunny and Work in Progress’ Collete Series dunny, but none to the endearing effect of this cuddly gorilla.

#8.  Grumpy Centaur by Aya Kakeda (2010 Series)

Aya Kakeda - Unicorn

Aya Kakeda created the first four-legged dunny and perhaps the most grumpy-looking dunny ever. At 1/200, Grumpy Centaur is also a diamond in the rough.

#7.  Wood Dunny with Hinged Head by Travis Cain (2009 Series)

This dunny is one of the rarest.  It is so rare that Kidrobot does not provide an official picture of it.  One of four wood variants handmade by Travis Cain for the 2009 Series, this particular variant sells for over a thousand dollars on eBay.  The hinged variant takes the cake over the others because it’s the only one that incorporates color into the wood design.  

#6. Naughty Reindeer by Chuckboy (Series 2008)

Naughty reindeer dunny

The first dunny to stand for sexual liberation, Naughy Reindeer is a progressive activist who takes risks for what he believes.  These risks include embarrassment when in freezing weather and chafing round-the-clock, because leather chaps just don’t provide all that much support!

#5.  Crazy Skeleton by El Muerto (Azteca Series)

El Muerto dunny

El Muerto turned our beloved traditional dunny into a fantasy nightmare, bound to scare any child who encounters him in the dark.  With an awesome nether-flower as an accessory, Crazy Skeleton is a must-have for any true collector. 

#4.  Duster Dunny by Feric (Series 3)

Feric dunny

This dunny by Feric makes the list because he’s so darn useful.  Not only do his feather earmuffs allow him to stand out in a crowd, but he can be used by any hard-up collector as a duster around the house.

#3.  Mechadunny by Frank Kozik (Series 5)

Mechadunny by Frank Kozik

Mechadunny, by the legendary designer Frank Kozik, is epic because he not only shows us a glimpse of what future robot-dunny dominion will look like, but he poses a stabbing hazard to any collector who tries to handle him.  Watch out for sharp objects!

#2.  Hello My Name Is by Huck Gee (SDCC Exclusive; Series 3)

Hello My Name Is BlueHello My Name is Dunny Red

Huck Gee created an awesome duo with these blue and red brothers.  Both are rare, but the blue variant is so coveted that scam artists sell forgeries of it online.  While not as famous as Huck’s skullhead dunnies, the Hello My Name Is dunnies are significant because they helped prove that Kidrobot had created a true breakthrough in pop-art with their iconic vinyl figurine.

#1.  Big Mouth by Deph (Series 2)

Deph Series 2

Deph captures the number-one slot because he created the first 3” dunny to look and feel radically different from all previous dunnies, owing to the wing accessory that goes into his back.  Deph opened the floodgate for future dunnies to push the boundaries of what a dunny could be, allowing the dunny (and Munny) to flourish into an artform and platform for truly independent expression.