This Year's Best Photos Taken From a Drone

Dronestagram is an app developed to take photographs from a drone. For the second year, the company has put on a photography competition, looking for the most creative photographs in the new field of drone aerial photography. As Dronestagram CEO and founder Eric Dupin explained to National Geographic, “Drone photography is a new kind of visual language. It’s a new way of seeing the world.” 

Judges included Dupin as well as National Geographic editors. More than 5,000 people – both professional and amateur photographers – entered the contest, that included several categories like nature, places, and “dronies,” or selfies taken from an aerial view. 

Here are the winners of the contest:

First Prize Nature winner: Snorkeling with sharks by Mike Gandouin/Tahitiflyshoot 

First Prize Places winner and Popular Prizes winner: Above the mist by Ricardo Matiello

Second Prize Places winner: Mont-Saint-Michel by Jeremie Eloy/Wanaiifilms 

Second Prize Nature winner: La Jolla by Kevin Dilliard/kdilliard

Third Prize Places winner: Tulip fileds by Anders Andersson/

Third Prize Nature winner:  Lost island, Tahaa, French Polynesia by Ludovic Moulou/Marama Photo Video

First Prize Dronies winner: Where’s Wally, Limassol Carnaval, Cyprus by Marios Demetriou/FlyovermediaCy

Second Prize Popular Prizes winner: Plovidv by night, Bulgaria by Svetlin Marinov/Ice Fire

Third Prize  Popular Prizes winner: Glorieto Rodolfo Sanchez Taboada, Mazatlan, Sinaloa, Mexico by Alejandro Ochoa/Wootsor

All images via Dronestagram