The Story of Kellmark, aka Kellen Markewicz

Last week’s Unicorn Empire contest tasked our NeonMobsters with finding out the true story of the Unicorn Formerly Known As Kellmark (UFKAK). UFKAK’s original story, shown below, was discovered to be a fraud:

There was once a vampire bat who somehow successfully sucked the blood of a Unicorn. The bat died immediately, but the Unicorn (previous name unknown) reacted to the bat bite, and transformed into Kellmark, a blood-sucking animal that shares very little with vampires like Pyre. Kellmark is not immortal, and can easily sustain himself with goat’s blood. Some humans call him “La Chupacabra.”

We have uncovered the true story of UFKAK, thanks to the help of our winner, Daniel Dyrda.  Daniel’s investigation revealed that “Kellmark” is actually named Kellen Markewicz, and his story is as follows:

The unicorn formerly known as Kellmark was actually born Kellen Markewicz to a middle-class family in the suburbs of the Unicorn Empire. Seeking a creative outlet for his teenage angst, young Kellen turned to music. Having found success in the underground music scene, he developed the Kellmark persona as a gimmick to help him sell his goth rock albums.

Kellen Markewicz’s lore will be updated accordingly, and for his efforts Daniel will be rewarded with three unicorn variants of his chioce!

We have selected three honorable mentions for Lenk, Jimmy Wilson, and Zachary Nicoll, who will each win one unicorn variant of their choice. 

Lenk’s entry for “Kramllek”:

Kramllek was once the hidden stray ruler of The Factions. When Isaac and The Factions banded together they erased him and his memory out of the land. After stealing a #2 pencil and re-drawing himself; Kramllek is looking to plot his revenge by taking over the Unicorn Empire. Will Isaac Montemayor and these likely unicorns be able to win this time? Who knows? We shall see.

Jimmy Wilson’s entry for “Cornelius”:

Cornelius (aka Kellmark) is not the victim of a vampire bat’s bite, but was rather created by Veritum during one of his experiments. Realizing his blood thirsty creation would get him exiled, Veritum abandoned Cornelius in the black forest where he was found and raised by Offlen. To protect her, Cornelius uses the alias Kellmark and scares away local farmers by feasting on their goats.

Zachary Nicoll’s entry for “Elsinth”:

Elsinth, sired by Inisnth, was nature’s price for the dark magic his father practiced and the horrors he wrought. He was forced into hiding when Insinth changed his name, ordered his history rewritten, and cursed him to remember nothing of his past. After the great war began, Insinth fled the Inner Order to find Elsinth, in search of redemption.

Thank you to all our other participants in this search for the true history of the Unicorn Empire – we were delighted by the humor and creativity of the entries submitted!