The History of Unicorn Empire: A Story

There’s a lot we simple humans don’t know or understand about Unicorn Empire and unicorns in general, and you are wise to study their wild, ancient, and complex society before you begin collecting this set. The following information just scratches the surface of this fantastical world of flying quadripeds.


Elcaro, an Inhabitant of Unicorn Empire

History of Unicorn Empire

Unicorn Empire is a vast, magical wonderland filled with Unicorns. The Empire is located on earth, in a magic space of its own. All terrestrial habitats exist in the Empire, including deserts, forests, and tundras. A great ocean lies between the Empire and earth, though few humans have ever been to the magnificent, Unicorn country. The Empire has existed for thousands of years, and though the Unicorn is the Empire’s most abundant species, there are many non-magical creatures who live there as well.


Raetooth, an Inhabitant of Unicorn Empire

The Great War 

The Unicorn, or Monoceros Equuid, is a magical creature who has lived on earth for millions of years. Unicorns are highly intelligent creatures with powerful magic and beautiful fur. There was a time, thousands of years ago, when Unicorns lived in harmony with other animal species. But the Great War threatened the very existence of the Unicorn, and since then, Unicorns have developed into one of the most isolated and proud species on earth. Although some still interact with other animal species, most Unicorns live solitary lives and look down upon those who associate with other, non-magical animals. Thus, mixed-breed Unicorns, such as bear-Unicorns, insect-Unicorns, lizard-Unicorns, and fish-Unicorns, are looked down upon by pure Unicorns. This discrimination has created a schism in the Empire between those few Unicorns who accept and cherish other creatures, and the majority, who scorn them.


Insinth, Member of the Inner Order

The Inner Order

Earth was once filled with mixed breed Unicorns, and pure Unicorns loved all creatures, including humans. In human culture, every mythological story ever told about a Unicorn is derived from this period. Humans and Unicorns lived side by side, making friends and even mating, occasionally. Then one day, two pure bred Unicorn brothers named Insinth and Absinthe decided they had had enough. They were tired of other creatures, and especially tired of mixed breed Unicorns, so they formed a group, which they named the Inner Order, dedicated to exterminating all life on earth except for pure Unicorns. The two brothers were incredibly powerful, and they succeeded in killing millions of mixed breed Unicorns, and millions of humans. They recruited two more members to their Order, monstrous Unicorns named Devon and Aranite, and wreaked havoc on all living things, except for pure Unicorns.



The Outer Order

The Inner Order was succeeding in its quest to destroy everything but pure Unicorns, when a powerful Unicorn named Caleo to stop them. With the help of the mixed breed Unicorns Yizzum and Boof, Caleo organized a team of seven Unicorns, who are now considered to be the most powerful Unicorns in history. To spite their enemies, they called themselves the Outer Order, and they derived their strength from a secret knowledge of magic. The Outer Order was so powerful that after their first attack on the Inner Order’s pure bred armies, Insinth vanished. But the Outer Order was too late. The Inner Order had tarnished the reputation of the Unicorn, making humankind hate them all. Thus, the Outer Order had two wars to fight: one against the humans, and one against the Inner Order, led by strategic genius of Absinthe after Insinth fled. This conflict became known as the great war.


Calvariam, Member of The Circle

The Circle

An Outer Order Unicorn named Corinth was almost killed during battle, and her experience led her to decide that the secret knowledge of the Outer Order must be passed on and protected. She recruited a soldier named Kindred to form The Circle, a group of four immortal Unicorns dedicated to the protection of the Outer Order’s secret knowledge. The great war was terrible and violent, and the earth was saved from the Inner Order, but at a painful cost. Millions of Unicorns, humans, and other creatures lost their lives, and the emotional devastation within the Outer Order was overwhelming.


Vernoola, Aide to the Outher Order

Important Figures in the Great War

Most Unicorns credit the Inner Order stealth Unicorn Devon with ending the war. Devon was the most ruthless and capable assassin the world has ever known, and he succeeded in breaching the Outer Order’s defenses and killing Lave, the mate of Sonorus. Sonorus was the most powerful member of the Outer Order, but when he lost his mate, he committed suicide. Another member of the Outer Order, named Sere, was close friends with Sonorus. Sere was on the battlefield with Corinth when he heard of his friend’s death, and he was so shocked that he lost control of his magic, killing himself in the process. Sere’s out of control magic also killed Corinth and every soldier on the battlefield, including Devon. Sere’s pain reverberated for miles. The sheer power of it weakened the good heart’s of Yizzum and Vernoola, two of the Outer Order’s important aides, and they were killed by human warriors in their weakened states. Absinthe was dissolved by Sere’s magic, becoming a liquid which humans still consume today. Both Order’s were damaged so greatly by Sere’s loss of control that the war came to an unexpected halt. Only the humans were strong enough to continue fighting, and they forced the Unicorns away from their earth and into the magical realm of Empire.


Lyle, One of the Inhabitants of Unicorn Empire

The Aftermath of the Great War

The remaining members of the Outer Order vanished in the years after the Great War, along with members of the Circle. Calvariam, a Unicorn who helped form the Circle with Kindred, is the only living Unicorn who still holds the secret knowledge of the Outer Order. Since the end of the war, Unicorns have never been the same. The war had almost killed them all, and out of fear, they turned their backs on other animals. Fear turned into pride, and today, Unicorns are the most prideful species in existence. The enmity between Unicorns and all other creatures is strong.

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Inner Order: A group of four evil Unicorns dedicated to the destruction of anything living that is not a pure Unicorn. The members of the Inner Order are Insinth, Devon, Absinthe, and Aranite.

Outer Order: A group composed of seven of the most powerful Unicorns in history, dedicated to destroying the Inner Order.  The members of the Outer Order are Caleo, Malo, Tresher, Corinth, Sere, Scopulus, and Sonorus.

The Circle: A group of four Unicorns who used magic to gain immortality. Their purpose is to guard the secret knowledge of the Outer Order.  The members of The Circle are Calvariam, Mortem, Spina, and Kindred.