The Aitch and Saddo Memory Game is the Coolest Version of This Classic Kids Game

Aitch and Saddo are two Romanian artists who've created a gorgeous version of the classic children's matching card game, memory. Their game features hand-painted illustrations of flowers, plants, birds, animals, and patterns that are much cooler than any game you could get made by Hasbro.

Even though kids mostly play it, memory is actually a great brain game for any age player to help keep that remembering muscle in shape.

In fact, Aitch and Saddo created their version after taking a trip to Berlin and playing the memory game during their vacation: "This March we took a trip to Berlin and in the apartment we rented for a few days we discovered a simple but fun little game - a memory game that we could not wait to play as soon as we got back from the city. We were hooked."

Their set features 48 cards with 24 illustrations. 

Aitch and Saddo are currently fundraising to make their set a real product that people can buy, so if you like what you see, help them out!