5 Surprising Places you can Find Domo, Japan's Most Huggable Mascot!

You know Domo-kun, that fuzzy, brown, friendly, mono-syllabic, constantly open-mouthed friend from Japan! Did you know he first appeared in 1998 as the mascot for the Japanese television station NKH? His name is an abbreviation of his first introduction, “Dōmo, konnichiwa!” which translates to, “Well, hello there!” But according to his far more interesting origin myth, Domo hatched from an egg, and now lives in an underground cave with his best friend, an elderly bunny named Usajii, and 2 bats. Domo loves TV, hates apples, and farts when he’s nervous.

Though at first he was mainly known to Japanese audiences, within a few years Domo started showing up in some surprising, non-cave, non-Japanese commercial, places. Here’s a round of of his most adorable, surprising, and important appearances!

1. Menacing a Kitten with a Friend

Domo made his first splash with English speakers when he was photoshopped (along with a second Domo) chasing an adorable kitten through a field. The image quickly became a popular meme with its most popular caption the (thankfully untrue) statement, Every time you masturbate, a kitten dies.


2. Making Beautiful Music as a Ukulele

Domo teamed up with Japanese ukulele maker Mitsuba Gakki to make what was already the world’s most adorable string instrument even cuter. We don’t play the ukulele, but we’re willing to learn if we can look this awesome doing it.


3. Running for President!

On January 7th, 2016 Domo announced (through a translator) that he was running for President of the United States!

With an easily verifiable slogan like, “The future is any second now,” and droolworthy campaign promises like, “My first executive order will be pizza,” we are sold! #TeamDomo #Domo4Prez


4. Amping you up as an Energy Drink!

The slightly alarmingly named, Domo Attack Energy Drink, is a thing that definitely exists, however it’s one of Domo’s more mysterious endeavors. If you live in the United States this energy drink is only available through Amazon. The one and only product review states, “There is NO WAY I would ever drink it,” so we can’t vouch for the taste. Since it’s manufactured by Boston America the corporation behind such products as, Snowman Poop Fruity Jelly Beans, and Nintendo Super Mario Bros. Yoshis Fruit Splash Lip Balm, we’d guess the flavor is: novelty.


5. Domo Adventures on NeonMob

Now you can collect Domo, his elderly bunny friend, Usajii, the bats who live in the cave with them, and all their combined antics as digital trading cards on NeonMob. Start your collection with a free pack!