Play This Now: Stephen Colbert's Twine Game "Escape from the Man-Sized Cabinet"

Stephen Colbert has two months before his new gig as host of The Late Show begins. For fans who are chomping at the bit for Colbert's return to the spotlight, here's a little nugget of goodness to pass the time: a free Colbert Twine game.

Escape from the Man-Sized Cabinet, which can be played on his official website, is a humorous text game that takes players – acting as Colbert – through a man-sized cabinet into a fantasy world of evil wizards and wise centaurs named Randall...

Well, that is, if you can actually get out of the closet without dying. 

The game was created by writers Rob Dubbin (who is also a software developer), Daniel Kibblesmith, Cullen Crawford and artist Tim Luecke, and is as weirdly funny as you'd expect from the kingdom of Colbert. Go play it now!

Via: Boing Boing; The Verge