Take a Selfie and Be a Part of This Artist's Next Video Installation

Image of Ahree Lee via Asian Art Museum

Image of Ahree Lee via Asian Art Museum

LA-based video artist Ahree Lee is most famous for her project "Me," where she took a photograph of herself everyday for four years (from 2001-2004) and compiled the 1,460 images into one six-minute long video. The project, which received international critical acclaim, uses technology to examine how women are seen by others over time, and how that affects how they see themselves. Following "Me," she created "Right/Left," another video project where she used photos of herself to examine selfhood.

Now, Lee is focusing her next project on other people. For "Your Piece," an upcoming video installation at the Asian Art Museum in San Francisco, Lee is looking for user submitted photographs of people who live in the Bay Area to examine the idea of self representation and memory. As explained on Asian Art Museum's site, "Your Piece" is "inspired by Korean wrapping cloths, or bojagi, which women pieced together out of scraps of spare material, creating an heirloom full of beauty and utility from what would otherwise be waste. Artist Ahree Lee will reimagine the bojagi a video installation that invites the public to participate in creating a collective wrapping cloth of memories."  

Like with "Me," Lee will compile all the portraits she receives and include them in a video installation. She's hoping to get a diverse group of people that represents the many different communities that live across the Bay Area – to "reimagine the bojagi in digital form." 

Bay Area people who are interested in being involved can still submit their portraits – the last day to submit is tomorrow, July 2. To submit your face for Lee's project, fill out the submission form (guidelines for photo submissions can be found on the form).

"Your Piece" will be shared on July 23, from 6:30-9 p.m. at the Asian Art Museum.  

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