Revisit Amazingly Bad Geocities Graphics Through Cameron's World

The '90s were the wild west for web design. Especially on Geocities, the web-hosting service that was founded in 1994. Not too long ago, when the Internet was young, it didn't take too much to impress. People were blown away and inspired by technology that seems so basic and outdated now, and Geocities was a means for people to create their little piece of the Internet using pixelated clip art, simple animated gifs, MIDI music, and as many (bad) fonts as possible. 

Berlin-based graphic designer Cameron Askin is nostalgic for those times of what he calls "unrefined self-expression on the Internet," so he created a tribute site to Geocities. Cameron's World is a collection and collage of some of the most interesting text and images from Geocities (which shuttered in 2009). Culling through the archives, the 28-year-old designer pieced together material from thousands of sites to pay homage to "the visual aesthetics from an era when it was expected that personal spaces would always be under construction."

Askin told Fusion that he started working on Cameron's World last October and was inspired by One Terabyte of Kilobyte, a Tumblr which posts screenshots of archived Geocities sites.

Although Askin has collaged various sites together, he was sure to link to the original archived websites. When users at Cameron's World click on a link, they're taken to the original site, via Askin's "CatsCape Navigator."  


See more awesomely bad Geocities graphics (and make sure to have your sound turned on) at Cameron's World