Help This Woman #FindtheGirlsOnTheNegatives of These Stunning Found Photos

Last week, on July 29, Richmond, Virginia-based photographer Meagan 'Irene' Abell posted on Facebook about an amazing thrift store find: a set of old negatives of beautiful women on the beach. Wanting to know more about these women and the photographer who shot them, Abell turned to social media, asking others to help her identify them.

Abell wrote in her Facebook post, "I found 4 sets of medium format negatives while I was thrift shop hunting a few weeks ago. They were sitting in a box of old vintage photographs in these plastic sleeves, and from what I could tell, they had been taken sometime in the 50's. So obviously I brought them home, and today finally had them scanned in, and holy wow they are beautiful!!"

After posting the images and asking for help using the hashtag #FindTheGirlsOnTheNegatives, Abell got several leads, mostly about locations of where the photos were shot – in Southern California at Dockweiler State Beach.  So far, the identities of the women and the photographer is still unknown.

If you have any more information that might help Abell find the answers to her burning question, send leads to

Via: Atlas Obscura, The Daily Beast, Looks Like Film