Out Now! Vintage Kids

This morning, we released “Vintage Kids,” the second NeonMob collection by master photo manipulator Michael Vincent Manalo.

While Michael's last collection, “Hidden Realities” (released February 17), focused on eerily beautiful, surreal landscapes, “Vintage Kids” features characters with outdated analog and digital technology on their minds – like, literally.

Each of the Vintage Kid creatures has a human body, but with a retro machine – including a typewriter, a cassette tape, an LP, and a handheld video game – in place of a face.


The 20 individual “Vintage Kids” belong to a world “where everything’s in vogue, since style is the present, and vintage isn’t old.” (And with the speed technology advances, perhaps it won’t be long before the iPod and iPhone "kids" join this whimsical world, too!)

Intrigued about the artist who created this collection? Read more about Michael Manalo in an artist interview that we ran yesterday on the blog.