Thanks, NeonMobsters, You're the Best!

As we gear up for the release of our first mobile app, it seems the right time to reflect on how amazing the past year has been for NeonMob.

It’s crazy to think that only last Spring we launched creator tools, which transformed NeonMob into a platform for creating as well as collecting digital art trading cards. This and other new features and refinements to the site explain part of why we’ve seen the size our community explode.

Hundreds of user-created series have been released since the launch of creator tools, and we now have a community of more than a thousand artists from 48 countries publishing their own work on NeonMob. Artists who have captured our imaginations on NeonMob include video game producers, business professionals, YouTube celebrities, pixel art fanatics, and indie comic creators. Most NeonMob creators are also dedicated collectors themselves — and many are sharing their art for the first time. A 17 year old student in Slovakia is using the money earned from NeonMob for his college tuition, just one example of the kind of people turning their creativity into digital collectibles.

NeonMob’s collector community has grown even faster than our creator community over the past year. No doubt because of the amazing influx of community-sourced art, as well as new series featuring well-known characters and properties released in collaboration with partners like the NFL Players Association, Care Bears, Domo, Frombie, and others.

With a community of over 100,000, and growing every day, NeonMobsters are a dedicated bunch. Every day, we forge friendships with other collectors as we explore, collect, and trade. An average of 15,000 trades are exchanged every day as we work to complete series and reach our next milestone. We appreciate all kinds of art from the fantastic to funny, and especially if it features cats or unicorns.

We’re incredibly excited about how our iOS app (which is seriously almost here) will make NeonMob an even better experience. iPhone users will be able to bring their collection with them and interact with it in new ways, let alone never having to miss claiming their daily free packs or worry about a trade expiring. And the app is just the beginning — we have more updates planned once it’s released. Ultimately, it’s you who make NeonMob possible and hold up this magical universe. You inspire us to make NeonMob the best it can be.

Whether you’re proposing trades, submitting your own series ideas, offering feedback to each other  or simply opening free packs— thank you for making NeonMob the addictive and fun experience it is. Here’s to the next milestones we’ll reach together! 

To show our gratitude, here are two free packs of Cleonique Hilsaca's beautiful first series for NeonMob, Daydreams.