Colorful Reinterpretations of NBA Legends by Van Orton Design


Van Orton Design have applied their signature stained-glass style to reinterpreting comic book characters, movie posters, musicians, and other pop culture icons. For their "NBA Legends" series, they've focused on six legendary professional basketball players – Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, Michael Jordan, Patrick Ewing, Charles Barkley, and John Stockton. 

Marco and Stefano are twin brothers from Turin, Italy. When I asked the 31-year-old twin designers why they, as Italians, were so interested in American sports figures, they explained, "Our work expresses our passion for the years '80s and '90s-era. We came up with a way to represent the magical universe of those years that are still a huge source of inspiration. We love the NBA, specially the '90s. We were kids then and we followed our heroes of basketball. So we decided to pay homage."

And that they did. Check out the magic below:

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