Interview: Penny’s World and The Man Who Gave Her Life

An Interview With Nick Sirotich

Next Tuesday, August 20, NeonMob will launch illustrator and apparel designer Nick Sirotich’s awesome set Penny’s World. We sat down with Nick and asked him a few questions about the set and a little about what inspires him.

What inspired “Penny’s World”?

I see Penny as a carefree, imaginative little girl with an unquenchable thirst for life and adventure. She is all of us at an age before responsibility or worry. She lives in wonder and explores the world in a truly magical way.

What do you collect in real life?

I’ve always been a fan of weird knick knacks, antiques, old cameras, ornate picture frames, ceramic figurines and other ‘lost artifacts’ of modern life.

Who are your favorite artists?

This is a tough one… Norman Rockwell, James Jean, Bernie Fuchs, ARYZ, Tomer Hanuka, George Pratt, Banksy, Audrey Kawasaki and many many more.

If you could only draw one subject for the rest of your life, what would it be and why?

Monsters, because that’s the kind of subject matter that can change forever and still be fresh and unlimited in scope.

Where did you learn to do art?

I’ve always been an artist in one degree or another. I’ve been drawing since before I can remember. My sister (who’s also an illustrator; Erica Sirotich) and I spent a good majority of our childhood drawing and making books. It was pretty much written in stone before I really knew any better. I went to a visual arts high school in the next town over from mine and began tattooing at 15. I did that for about eight years while going to Ringling College of Art and Design and it’s just kept it going since there. Now I do client work all the time, design for Strange Bird Skateboards, and I’ve been booking more murals in the past few months so I intend to push my work in that direction over the next few years.

What are your favorite types of projects?

Weird ones mostly. I really like when I’m given a lot of creative freedom because it tends to make the best pieces. I do a lot of apparel work, magazines, character design, logos, skateboards and more recently murals. That being said, I’m always inspired by new projects regardless of the subject matter.

Why did you become an artist?

The endless money and the fame. ;)

There you have it! Check out more of Nick’s work on his website and blog, and connect with him on Facebook and Twitter. And don’t forget to stop by NeonMob next Tuesday, August 20th, for the release of Penny’s World!