Make-Up Artist Turns Her Eyelids Into Living Canvases

The eyes are the most expressive parts of our faces, so it makes sense that make-up artists play up that feature with shadows, powders, and liners. But Israeli make-up artist Tal Peleg has found a way to apply make-up to the eyes that's wholly unique. She uses her own eyelids as if they were canvasses, creating tiny, colorful illustrations on them.

Peleg explains on Bored Panda, "Makeup is an amazing form of art, and I use it in order to make my eye tell a story. I don’t just paint on the eye, but try to use the shape of the eye and its natural curves as part of the illustration in a creative way."

Peleg has a penchant for pop culture, creating eye-art versions of characters across the gamut of television, movies, and literature, including Atreyu and Falcor from The Neverending Story, The Little Prince, Edgar Allen Poe and The Raven, and Scarlett O'Hara and Rhett Butler from Gone with the Wind.

See more of Peleg's illustrated eyelids on Facebook and Instagram.

Via: Beautiful Decay