11 Artists Take Pokemon to Places You Never Dreamed Of

Pokemon is celebrating its 20th anniversary in 2016. It’s funny to think back to 1996, when a cute looking RPG for the Nintendo Game Boy that combined a simple Rochambeau mechanic with monster collecting took Japan and then the rest of the world by storm, but that’s exactly what happened. Almost immediately the blockbuster game was followed up by number of sequels and spin-offs (all for Nintendo video game platforms), a TV anime, an insanely popular trading card game, feature films, and so much more.  

Beyond official games and media, Pokemon has inspired its own fanbase in many meaningful ways. Sure, there are countless knock-off games, comics and cartoons but that’s not what we’re referring to. Fans love the world of Pokemon and through their own creative efforts have expanded, celebrated and re-envisioned it with fan art and fan-made games.  If you’re interested in going down one of the web’s best rabbit holes, you should explore the amazing work created by dedicated Pokemon fans.

Here’s some of our own favorite fan art and a few places to start if you want to see more. 

Awesome, right? If you're interested in more, here's a great piece on Buzzfeed about realistic Pokemon art, a collection of fan art of the original 151 Pokemon from Dorkly, and a great round-up from Unreality.  For even more,  check out the "pokemon fan art" tag on Tumblr.