Interview: Anton Peck, The Tinkerer Himself


Anton Peck is the artist behind NeonMob’s newest set, The Tinker’s Designs.   We sat down with him to learn where his ideas and inspirations come from:

What inspired your art in the Tinker’s Designs?

Much of my art pulls from a long-standing desire to be different. To forge my own path and see what happens through a little dabbling and tinkering. Sometimes, I happen upon techniques and ideas that resonate well with me, and I strive to share that experience with others.

With the Tinker’s Designs, I used an inkwash technique, which is very organic, applied to the concept of robots. The set explores the contrast between natural and mechanical objects.  My hope is that people will pick up on and enjoy that sense of contrast.

What is your favorite current set on NeonMob?

Hands down, my favorite cards are the Kojiki sets created by Craig Henry. A great story, interesting characters, brilliant execution, and fabulous levels of contrast. I’d be lying if I didn’t admit to being a little bit jealous of how those turned out.

Do you collect anything in real life and if so, what and why?

For years, I was a collector of comic books. I still have two boxes tucked away in a safe place. I was especially fond of collecting everything and anything related to Marvel’s Venom. I don’t collect so much these days, but I could easily see myself picking up a few new titles, now that they seem to be coming back (especially in apps like Comixology).

Where do you think digital art is going in the future?

Digital art is going on a very similar path that digital photography has taken, and we’ll be seing it being used more and more in many facets of consumer and professional media, because the advantages are the same: instant access (and distribution) of the creative work. Like photography, there is still a bit of a price barrier in getting some of the more high-end tools into the hands of young talent.

If you could only draw one subject for the rest of your life, what would it be and why?

I would choose flora. The variety of images that can be derived from nature are nearly endless, and never cease to provide inspiration. Shrubs, flowers, trees, roots, ferns, mushrooms… these could keep me busy (and happy) for a very long time. In fact, I feel like drawing an old knotted tree right about now…

What else are you working on?


I’m about to release a graphic novel called “Gather”, which was inspired by my work on the Tinker’s Designs.  Check out its

Kickstarter page

here (though the campaign has ended).

The Tinker’s Design is released on NeonMob this Thursday, May 16.