Helen Tseng's Illustrated Spock Tribute


San Francisco-based illustrator/designer Helen Tseng created this sweet illustrated tribute to recently departed Leonard Nimoy, which she shared on her blog the night that Nimoy passed.

After seeing the image, I asked her if I could share it on NeonMob and if she could tell us a little about her relationship to Nimoy, the Spock character, and Star Trek. Here's what she said:

I didn't grow up with the original series, but I grew up being compared to Spock a bunch because I tended to be pretty logical, detached, and at times philosophical. (I only hope I was as funny!) When I later came around to watching the original Star Trek, Spock was naturally my favorite character and the one I related to most, having grown up in a place where I had never quite fit in. I even dressed up as Spock for Halloween a few times. On the day of Leonard's death, I brought out this cracked Spock glass that I had been holding onto – I couldn't bear to throw it away. Later that day, it broke, as if to show its way out. I knew I had to make something to commemorate him, so I made this illustration.

Thanks Helen for sharing. RIP, Spock!