Giulia Bernardelli Turns Spilled Coffee, Wine, & Honey Into Art


Italian artist Giulia Bernardelli quotes Miles Davis in her Instagram bio – "My future starts when I wake up every morning. Every day I find something creative to do with my life" -- Miles Davis – which is very fitting, as it seems to describe the spontaneous nature of Bernardelli's artwork. Appearing as if naturally formed from tiny pools of spilled coffee, wine, honey, and other foods and drinks, are small, but detailed paintings that she creates from these edible pigments and shares via Instagram. She tells the Washington Post that "none of her creations are planned in advance. Instead, Bernardelli prefers them to have the feeling of being found creations that were stumbled upon by happenstance with an ephemeral quality."

The 28-year-old, a graduate of Fine Arts in Bologna who works at a museum, started making her spilled food artworks about a year ago, when she accidentally knocked over a cup of coffee. Working off of whimsy, Bernardelli decided to go with the flow and use the coffee in her work. Eschewing tradition, she also does not use paintbrushes to create her works: “Everything that I needed was around me, if I looked carefully. I decided to replace the paint brush with what nature offered, such as leaves, fruit skins, food. All these elements feature different colors and textures.”