Announcing the winners of the Frightlies Contests!

Last week we launched Drew Pocza’s Frightlies along with our first ever contests — the response to the Happy Story contest bowled us over. Man — you guys can write! This is definitely something we want to do again, so watch out for other similar contests in the future.

Just to remind you, the challenge was to write a 300 character-or-less fictional story describing the life and times of Happy, the hound dog monster. The prize? We publish the top three entries here (hence this post!), the authors get a Frightlies Chase card of their choice, and the winner’s entry becomes permanently etched into the annals of NeonMob history — as Happy’s story!


Here we go — our first runner up and winner of a Chase is Jennifer Lleras (@yourmom), who brings us this clever quip:

The gates of Hell don’t have to be all bad, not when you’ve thrice the lovable puppy to play with. Our evil overlord and ruler of the night loves to come home after a long day torturing souls and snuggle in with his pup. If you’re lucky, you’ll never have the pleasure of meeting him face to faces.

Our second runner up and winner of a Chase, Jack Belton (@gacky), creates a horrifically hilarious Happy tale:

He was named after the first person he killed: a clown called Happy. The clown’s squeaky nose is still stuck in his throat, so whenever he barks all that comes out is a pitiful honk, making him the grumpiest dog in the world. His favorite pastime is visiting the circus and plotting his revenge.

Finally, Elizabeth Kidder (@elizabethkidder) (a future NeonMob creator no less!) is our winner and will receive a Chase and have this become the permanent story of the mangy mongrel:

Happy was found abandoned on a Transylvanian highway, but now lives his days as gatekeeper for the world’s largest pet cemetery. If you manage to sneak up on him and scratch behind his fifth ear, he’ll be loyal to you forever, but only a clever few have ever managed such a task.

Congrats to all of our winners, and a huge thank you to everyone that entered!

Next up, for any NeonMobster that discovered a print numbered #666 (not #6606, as Carl Franc Raistumbled upon), they’d get 50 credits to spend how ever they like on NeonMob.


This proved to be a rather challenging quest, but there were still a few lucky folks who — as of last night — managed to hold on to one of these devilishly numbered prints. They are:

Congratulations to all our winners and happy collecting! We’ll be in touch shortly!