Disney Characters on Instagram Are Just as Annoying as Real People on Instagram

Selfies, humble bragging, vacation photos, shoe pics, #waytoomanyhashtags... whether you despise or are guilty of these Instagram trends IRL, if you're a Disney fan, you'll probably get a kick out of this series of Disney characters on Instagram by Italian artist Simona Bonafini.

"Selfie Fables" depicts  Beauty and the Beast's bookish @BelleTheBeauty posing with her copy of A Game of Thrones and conceited @Gorgeous_Gaston taking a bathroom mirror selfie; Aladdin's @Jasmine and @Al smooching for the camera, and The Little Mermaid's @**Ariel** in her signature clamshell bikini. See more below, and check out the rest of Simona Bonafini's work on her Tumblr.