Delightful 3-D Animations of '90s Electronic Items by Guillaume Kurkdjian

We're big fans of French artist Guillaume Kurkdjian. The Nantes-based artist has created a series called Mr. W's Skyscraper Catalog for NeonMob last October, and we interviewed him that fall. But I got back in touch with him when I came upon his Tumblr Electronic Items, which features a series of three-dimensional looping animations of '90s electronic items using C4D (+Vray), After Effects, and Photoshop.  

I wondered why Kurkdjian, who's 23, decided to focus on outdated electronic equipment. He explained, "the objects I used to have growing up were a bit more modern but the spirit is the same. I had to represent emblematic machines in order to touch a bigger segment of people (and because the design was so cool at this time. I guess that's also because I have many older brothers and sisters, so I've see these objects hanging around since I was young. For example, the "Bontempi" piano was my sister's. I used it since I was a kid and I still have it in my apartment now."

I also asked him if he was going to be adding more Electronic Items to the series in the future. He said, "I would like to experiment with something else in 3D, maybe longer animations, little stories. However, I would love to get back to this project in the future, and add an object from time to time!"

Whatever the case, I'd love to see more from Guillaume Kurkdjian! Til then, enjoy these animations: