Cool! Create a Font Out of Your Handwriting!

There's a big trend of digitizing analog media these days. The things we create by hand are often (but not always) more personal and full of personality than the things that are created wholly on a computer. One of those things is our handwriting. One person's script is a little different than another's, and how we form our letters can be a trademark of who we are. 

It's rare that I need to write more than a few lines with a pen anymore, but I often prefer to scribble notes in a book and handwrite my letters and personal messages. Still, there are times that I've fantasized about having a font that looks like my handwriting to do the deed for me. For example, when I draw comics, printing out the talk bubbles is my least favorite part of illustrating the panels. I'm never quite happy with the neatness, uniformity, or legibility of my handwriting, but it doesn't look quite right to use a font on my computer. That's when could be a godsend. is a free online tool that allows you to make a vector font of your handwriting, to either share online (on places like or just keep for yourself to use. To create your own font, download the template and either print it out and use a pen to fill it out, or fill it out in a paint program on your computer; then upload the scanned template back on MyScriptFont. And ta-da! There you have your very own font!

I used MyScriptFont to create my very own SarahHanFont. I chose to print and scan in the template. Check out my ABCs and 123s: 

I used the template provided and filled it out with a medium black felt-tip pen.

I used the template provided and filled it out with a medium black felt-tip pen.

And here are the results in action:


What do you think? Would you use this personalized font maker and what would you do with it?

Via: Make Zine