Codex Fungi: Appendix is available today only

Today we release “Codex Fungi: Appendix”, a mini-set available for 24-hours only!  Last week, we challenged our community to design a series of mushroom-themed illustrations in honor of artist Jæn’s “Codex Fungi” set. The entries we received ranged from scary to hilarious, but they were altogether amazing. We are thrilled by the creativity and impressiveness of our community and thank all who participated in the contest!


You can reveal the five winning entries by collecting the set. There are, additionally, two mystery chases provided by friends of NeonMob: one by our very own Rogie King (@rogie), and another by artist Istvan (@chaotic.atmospheres), whose own original set will be released in December. For their winning contributions, Hanne Maes (@ranzigendanny), Elliot Greenwood (@elliotgreenwood), Terrasa Ulm (@tenu), Laurens Dik (@lostdutch), Lauren Schultz (@laurenschultz) will each be receiving every chase from the original Codex Fungi set!

Finally, we wanted to take a special moment to recognize Scott Soeder (@scottsoeder), an illustrator, designer, and drummer from Louisville, Kentucky. Scott’s submission was selected to be the cover of “Codex Fungi: Appendix”:

Thanks to everyone that participated, and happy collecting!