Clever Mini Dioramas Using Everyday Objects and Tiny Figurines Will Delight You

Japanese artist Tatsuya Tanaka has been making one clever miniature diorama every day and posting them on his site, Miniature Calendar, since 2011. Using tiny figurine models placed among common household objects and food, Tanaka captures magical moments in whimsical worlds where brush bristles are wheat, cheese are Alpine mountains, paperclips are hoses, and spiral notebooks are bike racks. Tanaka told designboom that he chooses everyday objects for the purpose of "listening one thing to another." He says, "in doing so, you can see how everyday things can become more fun when imagined in a different way. it is important that the ‘miniature calendar’ is understandable in its intention for everyone – young and old, of any nationality. so, I try to use familiar things and address familiar matters."

He also gave designboom a peek into his creative process: "I often conceive ideas while working and carrying on with everyday life, so even though they are trivial matters when I conceive them, I am sure to make a note. I use the iPhone application ‘omnifocus’ which lets me quickly store my concepts. I sort these under categories like ‘practicable now’, ’necessary materials to put an idea into a practice’, ‘hints for ideas’ etc… and I decide what I will create next and what materials I will use by checking these memos."

Here are just a few of the hundreds of tiny dioramas that Tanaka made this year: