Chris (Simpsons Artist) Made These Hilariously Bizarre About Working in the Creative Industry

UK artist Chris (Simpsons Artist), also known as Chris (surname unknown), is an anonymous cartoonist whose weirdly funny and subversive artwork has a cult following. So it was a smart move for Hiive, a company that's being touted as the "Linkedin for designers," to team up with Chris (Simpsons Artist), commissioning him to create illustrations of the nine creative industries that Hiive represents on its website: Animator, Graphic Designer, Game Designer, Illustrator, Advertising Executive, Production Runner, Photographer, Book Publisher, and Visual Effects Artist. True to his style, Chris (Simpsons Artist) focuses on the negative aspects of all of these jobs.

Hiive explains on its blog, "We love the creative industries, and we love working in them, but we also know that every job has it's little downsides. We're also big fans of Chris (Simpsons Artist)'s amazingly surreal illustrations, so asking him to apply his unique sense of humour and style to them is a bit of a dream come true for us."