Check Out These User Submissions!

Last week, we introduced Submissions, a new feature where users can submit a collection proposal for possible creation on NeonMob and get immediate feedback from others in the community about their art. Each submission features an image and a short description of what the proposed collection would be about. Fellow users can then vote on the ones they "Like." The artists who create submissions that get enough community support will be invited to become NeonMob Creators. A full collection based on their ideas will be published and they will earn royalties from the sales of packs. 

We've just been up and running with Submissions for a few days, but we've already received some awesome proposals, and we're really excited to see more of you upload your own ideas!

Below are a few examples of popular proposals on the Submissions page so far. Hopefully they will inspire you to create and share your own creations, or just to "Like" the Submissions you'd most want to see as future NeonMob collections!

lifedance, or Boris Melgarejo, submitted two concepts.


Boris currently lives in San Francisco, where he works in finance. Although he isn't an artist by trade, he says, "I still do have the passion for making illustrations and creating more ideas where I can express myself." 

His first submission is inspired by his fascination for optical illusions, the way they make you think and try to figure out what's happening in the image. His second illustration is also based on the idea of play. Boris explains it's inspired by the Filipino street games he played growing up. "The illustration shows a man in his 20s capturing his inner child and reminiscing on his childhood back when technology wasn't that advanced and controlling. He is floating in air because it represents freedom, happiness, and a clear mind."

If either of Boris' submissions are chosen, he says that the optical illusion set would have 12 pieces and his character set would have 20. He thinks he could have them finished within four to five months.

Tijana Jevtic submitted two concepts, but for one collection.

Tijana is a professional designer, illustrator, and photographer at Digital design studio in Uzice, Serbia. She submitted a proposal for "Organica," a collection of "strange symmetrical creatures made of natural objects, mirrored stones, wood, shells, skulls with a hint of fractals."   

"These organic creatures are kind of my totems that remind me of my journeys in books, nature, animal/insect world," Tijana explains. "They are mostly digital manipulations, where I use numerous objects and pieces I scanned, drawn or photographed during years in a way they form layered and complex creatures."

If chosen to become a NeonMob Creator, Tijana says her collection would be made up of "roughly 30-50 pieces." Since she's been making these creatures for the past few years, she thinks she could finish an "Organica" collection in about a month or two.