A Short Backstory of Those Cool Animated Library of Congress Gifs

For Kevin Weir's series "The Flux Machine," he creates brilliantly creative animated gifs using old photographs found on the Library of Congress Flickr archive. Weir, an art director based in New York City, told Colossal last year that he made them "as a way to occupy myself during the downtime of an internship I had during grad school."

Sometimes creepy, other times just silly and amusing, Weir's animated gifs – which have been making the rounds on the web since 2014 – are surprising and delightful. 

In case you were wondering how he created these quirky animated gifs, Live Orange TV created a short documentary about Weir, the partnership between technology and art, and the process behind "The Flux Machine."

Anyone who's into making (or just appreciating) animated gifs will be fascinated by this behind-the-scenes look. Check it out!

Via: Sploid