Check Out These Beautiful Forests of Stars


If you're a fan of stargazing and forest landscapes, you're going to love London-based photographer Ellie Davies' "Stars" series. Taking images of the Milky Way, Omega Centauri, the Norma Galaxy, and embryonic stars in the Nebula NGC 346  sourced from NASA's Hubble space telescope, Davies overlaps starscapes atop her own photographs of dreamy forest settings. There's something natural in these supernatural images – the way the stars mingle with the lush foliage almost looks like we've stumbled upon a huge congregation of lightning bugs; it almost could be real!

In her artist statement, Davies explains "Stars, 2014 explores my desire to find some balance between a relationship with the wild places of my youth, and a pervasive sense of disconnectedness with the natural world... Today the majority of people live in urban or semi-urban environments, experiencing the landscape from a distanced position mediated through various media and technology.  From this viewpoint the notion of the landscape in all its sensuous materiality, our being within it rather than outside it, seems beyond reach."


See more of Ellie Davies' phenomenal "Stars" series on her site.

Via: Colossal, My Modern Met