Behind the scenes of Vaughn Pinpin's The Orphanage

First, read the little backstory for this set. Got it? I’ll wait.

I added a little built-in game as you collect The Orphanage. As you meet new children, some will give you warnings and some will be far less than kind. The game is: how many warnings will you receive before Elsabeth Grinn’s ghost claims you? Your fate rests on who you’ll meet before your final confrontation with Elsabeth.

The little game organically came about as I was conceptualizing the set. It wasn’t in the initial planning, but when I got the idea, I really tried implementing it.


(Early concept sketches)

The idea itself came to me easily. Being a person who can’t deal with children like a normal person, I translated my irrational fear into humorous and macabre drawings of impish children. It sort of pokes fun at my awkwardness towards children, but I thought it was an interestingly and charmingly grotesque idea worth actualizing. Thus The Orphanage was born.

I drew quite a bit of inspiration from some of my favorite artists such as Tim BurtonBrett HelquistChaz Addams, and Edward Gorey and found the experience quite enjoyable and enriching for me as an artist. I hope you enjoy the set as much as I enjoyed making it!

Vaughn Pinpin (aka Hatboy)