Wish This Were Real: CG Web Acrobatics


French photographer Dimitri Daniloff and German CG artist Sven Hauth collaborated to create "Meshology," an intriguing series of images that features muscular men performing acrobatics within computer-generated webs and ribbons.

On Behance the artists explain, "It is part of Dimitri's fascination with incorporating technology in his photographs of human subjects and testing their perceived physical boundaries. He challenges his viewer to consider what is real, and what is possible."

And the young men in the photos? Daniloff photographed a tricking session (a form of martial arts that combines parkour, dance, and gymnastics) taking place in Spain. Hauth then created the virtual nets around the men, who were captured by Daniloff in mid-air.

The Behance page also includes some interesting "Behind the Scenes" CGI images that further show the creation process behind this series.