Artist JK Keller Smears the Lines of Lo and Hi-Tech

Jonathan Keller Keller, from Homer, Alaska, creates art that amusingly comments on the tech-obsessed world we live in. 

For example, his "iPhone Oil Paintings" are animated screenshots and a photo of an iPhone screen smeared with oily finger swipe markings. 

And Boxbots are robots made in the lowest tech materials around – actual cardboard boxes and packaging.

But lately, Keller has been getting attention for his distorted remixes of episodes of Seinfeld, The Simpsons, Star Trek, and The X-Files that he posts on Youtube.

Keller alters each program to make them look like he's sending each episode through a Macbook's Photobooth program – the images distort, widen, narrow, glitch, and flicker to comic effect. Is it a critique on the ever-changing technology that renders old media useless, or is it just an artist being funny. Or maybe both? Watch the following videos and decide for yourself.