Artist Interview: Guillaume Kurkdjian on the Beauty of Buildings

Guillaume Kurkdjian, an artist from Nantes, France, created our latest collection, Mr. Wellington's Skyscraper Catalog.  We sat down with Guillaume to learn a bit more about how his geometric-oriented brain works!

Guillaume working in his "studio"

Guillaume working in his "studio"

Guillaume, where do you live?

I’m living and working in a flat with a friend in the center of Nantes, the biggest city in the west of France.  This is a really pleasant and cultural city with a grand historic background.

Describe your path to becoming a professional artist?

I’ve been experimenting with 2D-, 3D-, and animation-software since secondary school.  I worked late, created a lot of stuff, learned new software, explored in many directions, and finally discovered a style.  I also recently graduated from a communication and marketing school, which was interesting, but made me realize that I wanted to focus on creating more than anything else.

How did you get discovered?

I created an animated GIF series called “Bisous Les Copain” – Kisses Friends –  (, I built up a number of followers on Tumblr and Behance, which led to freelance propositions.  Once this started happening, I realize I could create art for a living!  Since then, I’ve worked on projects with great agencies and companies from all around the world.

Was that your first official art job?

It was this illustration project for "La Compagnie Des Signes."

His first paid project.

His first paid project.

For those of us not from your country, what’s it like being an artist there?

I don’t know much about other countries, but I think you can easily do what you want in France if you have the skills. This is a great country for art, inspirational and there are a lot of things happening everywhere.

How would you describe your style (artistically or otherwise)?

Colorful, smooth, naive but cheeky, often cute and geometric.

Where do you find your inspirations?

I love to wander, find little houses, cabins lost in the nature and invent stories about them. I think you can find ideas everywhere you go. I also find great inspiration from the many projects and artists I discover on the internet.

Tell us about your collection, Mr. Wellington’s Skyscraper Catalog.

This is a collection of thirty weird buildings and impossible towers of any kind. I added some background elements so that everyone can invent his or her own wn history and imagine the life of the people living in there. That series wasn’t easy to create at the beginning, but when I let my mind go and tried to mix skyscrapers in with my universe, it became really interesting because I had no limits.

Some of the buildings in the collection.

Some of the buildings in the collection.

What art are you most proud of?

That’s a hard question!  I think probably this project for a Austrian theatre, because of the quantity of work to do, and that was also the first time I created real characters.

A segment of a large image.  Full image here.

A segment of a large image.  Full image here.


Are you creatively satisfied?

I am, at the moment.  However, I would like to have more time to experiment in 3D animation, filmmaking, and cabin-in-the-trees manufacturing. :)

What kind of advice would you give to a young person starting out as an artist?

Be consistent and pay attention to the details.

Success is different for everyone. What does it mean to you?

For now, I can make a living off my passion.  I don’t know if that counts as real “success,” but I can’t think of a better situation to find myself in when I wake up every morning!