Artist Created a Paper Model Every Day and Each One Is Amazing

This week, Charles Young completed an impressive artistic feat. The Scottish artist, who is based in Edinburgh, is the creator behind Paperholm, a daily project that Young started last August, for which he created one new paper model every day, photographed it, and shared it on his website. That sounds respectable on its own, but once you see the level of skill and detail he puts into each piece, and see the entirety of his collection, you'll really be amazed.

Using just sheets of 220gsm watercolor paper and PVA glue, Young constructed a whole city's worth of inventive and whimsical buildings and structures, from a house with an elevator moving up and down its side to a tent that hang from a tree to a music hall with a gigantic phonograph on its roof.

Almost all of the structures have some moving element and Young captures these as animated gifs.

If you're in love with these paper models, you can buy one from Young via Etsy.

Young posted his 365th Paperholm piece on August 10 with this message: "Well that’s a year, time for a bit of a break, normal service will resume soon."

We can't wait to see what he does next!