Announcing our Radiolaria Index Contest Winners


We recently issued our collectors a challenge to write their own descriptions for the piece Paris / Icosah 10799 from the set we released, Radiolaria Index, by Istvan.  The winner whose description was selected would forever see his or her words on the description of the piece.

This was a really hard decision as you sent in a lot of very creative entries. Our winner, Del Melendez (@thepersonalgoddess), stood out for her creativity and for being the only submission who came up with its own new codename for the nanobot.  Del receives a copy of the rarest chase from the set, The Mariana Trench / Kill Q. Paris / Icosah 10799 shall be renamed Paris / Ichor and go along with the winning description:

Developed for soldiers combatting in extreme climates, Icosah, nicknamed Ichor, rendered the patient cold-blooded and immune to the harshest of temperatures.  Upon contact with air, the patient’s blood vaporized and inhalation proved instantly fatal to all non-carriers of Ichor.

Selecting the top winner from a list of great submissions was tough!  Any one of our runners-up could have easily taken the prize.  In order, here they are…

Our first runner up, Esther (@purplezebra) will win one print of The Mariana Trench / Cue:

Icosah is believed to target the hypothalamus to give the subjects more control of various metabolic processes. Forensic investigation seems to point to it having caused spontaneous combustion in at least one test subject. It is not known if this was the cause of the fatal lab explosion.

Our second runner up, Zachary (@turtleguyy) will win one print of The Mariana Trench / Hamlet:

An extension of the Decadron Project, Icosah 10799 was intended to instill a sense of disorientation and loss of purpose. In that concern, the project was a complete failure. All subjects experienced clarity and determination. Plans for the bot were thwarted by the fire which seemingly destroyed it.

Our third runner up, Luke (@heylukegibson) will win one print of The Mariana Trench / Decepto:

Salvaged records indicate 10799 was intended to boost performance by inducing ketosis. Lack of homeostatic controls may have caused the bodies of subjects to flood with acetone, leaving them disorientated and highly flammable. The destruction of the lab suggests an alternative use case for the bot.

Our fourth runner up, Anthony (@_anthony) will win one print of The Mariana Trench / Intermino:

Icosah was made to control the level of cortisol being produced by the pituitary gland to decrease the stress. Effect was so strong that the subjects kept their calm in any situation. Perfect for sending undercover spies in enemy lines.It was noted side effects such as the fascination of fire.

Our fifth runner up, Ryan (@euphoria) will win one print of The Mariana Trench / Aminoso:

To combat the obesity epidemic, scientists developed a nanobot that increased the metabolic rate of the patient. Initially successful, the scientists did not predict the metabolism’s exponential growth. What followed was a rapid temperature rise, liquefaction of internal organs, and combustion.  

Our sixth runner up, Andrew (@authorandrew) will win one print of The Mariana Trench / Apathec:

The Paris Icosah 10799 is an invisible systems monitor, cloaked with interwoven radene threads. Its speedy response time and invisibility make 10799 both a lethal sentry defender and untraceable spy. This project was supposedly destroyed before final completion.

Our seventh runner up, Jack (@gacky) will win one print of The Mariana Trench / Depethec:

The Icosah project was to be a cure for long-term memory illness but became much more. The bots are loaded with information and injected into the bloodstream, they intercept the neurons and change the input to the brain. This enables scientists to upload knowledge, falsify and even wipe memories.

Congratulations to all our winners! <3