Animated Cooking Instructions by Xiao Chien Chen

Art director Xiao Chien Chen of Beijing, China, made this beautiful series of animated cooking instructions. Chen created four visual recipes: a noodle soup called yangchunmian, a bitter melon dish,  carp with scallions and ginger, and steamed corn cake dumplings.

The animations are a bit mesmerizing and hunger-inducing, so be warned, you might not want to watch these if you haven't eaten yet. 

I contacted Chen to ask her what inspired these visual cooking instructions. She wrote back in Chinese, but with the help of online translation tools, I was able to  loosely translate her response. She explained that the recipes started after a friend came over to her house for dinner and her meal reminded him of his hometown. Her friend wanted a detailed tutorial of her recipe, so she created a picture recipe. She later created more picture recipes that had family-related memories and animated them. She was surprised and delighted to realize that others were into these animated cooking instructions. She plans to continue the series. For now, enjoy these four animated recipes! 


Bitter Melon


Steamed Carp with Scallions and Ginger


Steamed Corn Cake Dumplings