An Artist Made Sunglasses Just for Listening to Psychedelic Music (Drugs Not Needed)

Looking at cool visuals while listening to psychedelic music go hand in hand. It's why Pink Floyd laser light shows will never, ever die. And why taking mushrooms or acid at shows is like, totally trippy, dude. But most of us can't and don't want to really just drop out for hours at a time, like experimental teenagers; psychedelic drugs just aren't convenient for our lives and all. But it would be cool to see LSD-induced visuals for a little while without actually taking drugs, right? That's what Hungarian designer Bence Agoston thought, too, and decided to create a pair of sunglasses that he felt would complete the experience of listening to psychedelic music.

Agoston's MOOD glasses come with six lenses.  Each UV-filtered transparent lens has Moiré patterns printed onto them and filters red, green, or blue light. When placed and layered in the 3-D printed frames, the lenses can be rotated to create optical effects, sorta like having a kaleidoscope on your face. Unlike with dropping acid, once you're ready to come back to the normal world, you can just take off the glasses, or take out the lenses and put in normal clear lenses.

MOOD was designed as a first-year school project, when Agoston and his fellow students were tasked to design sunglasses for each other. Agoston took the prompt beyond the expected, and made sunglasses that entertain. He explained on Behance, "The imaginative ideal situation is during a travel, when people listen to music, just looking out the window and watching the ever-changing sight, in a perfect harmony with the music."

Via: Beautiful/DecayFastco Design