A Delightful Minimalist Poster Series of Famous Films and TV Series

Brazilian online poster shop, Na Casa da Joana (which translated from Portuguese means "In the House of Joana), created Pop Color Collection, a minimalist poster series of popular films and television shows. The series references pre-existing movie posters and imagery, but tweaks it so that the movie titles and characters take a backseat to a bold solid color that highlights and represents the movie or show. For example, in the poster above, the dark red background takes up most of the real estate of the image, while a simplified graphic illustration of Joaquin Phoenix is at the very bottom. Immediately, the viewer understands that this image is a take on this movie poster for Her

Likewise, those who've seen Amelie understand why green is the main color to represent Jean-Pierre Jeunet's 2001 film:

For Breaking Bad, the brown backdrop highlights the desert landscape where Walt's camper van meth lab cooked up five seasons of stress-inducing drama.

The vibrant yellow takes over in this version of the poster for Little Miss Sunshine. It's a perfect hue to represent the crazy, frenetic family from this much-loved 2006 comedy-drama.

Off-white is the perfect color to represent Forrest Gump, a "blank" character who somehow finds himself in a number of random, but historical scenarios.  

Dr. Who fans will recognize the Tardis and the blue that represents the adventures in time/space travelling on the popular British sci-fi series. 

And finally, pink is the perfect complement to Wes Anderson's Grand Budapest Hotel.

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