An Interactive Mirror Using 450 Stuffed Penguins

New York artist Daniel Rozin has been getting a lot of attention for his PomPom Mirror, an interactive sculpture that uses  video cameras, motion sensors, and computers to control 928 beige and black pom poms to create a mirror reflection of whoever stands in front of it. It's very cool, but I'm even more enamored with Penguins Mirror, another one of Rozin's interactive pieces, which uses 450 stuffed penguins.

Rozin placed the motorized stuffed animal penguins on top of rotating mirrors. Like with PomPom Mirror, the penguins respond to movements of the person in front of it. The penguins, sitting atop rotating mirrors, are placed on the floor, and turn, responding to the presence of a viewer in front of them. 

Penguins Mirror is currently on view at New York's bitforms gallery through the end of June as part of Rozin’s exhibition, "Descent with Modification."

Via; Colossal; images via bitforms