Announcing Milestones

We are excited to finally release the first version of NeonMob Milestones.  We created milestones to make you feel special when you reach certain, well, important milestones in your collection!  We will be adding more milestones in the future, but for now we've started out with milestones related to collections only.

You'll be notified when you hit a milestone, like this:

You can see the status of your milestones under the "Milestones" tab for each collection you have.  This page shows not only the milestones you've hit, but also the ones you haven't hit.

Finally, when you or someone else hits a milestone, you should see a story in your feed where you can comment.  Be sure to congratulate each other! :)

We hope you like Milestones!  Don't hesitate to reach out with feedback and, especially, any bugs you encounter when using the site!