Ahoy, Landlubbers! All Aboard the Scourge of the Sea!

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Hello everyone! Oh, ahem, I mean, argh, mateys! Beware my sword or I'll steal all your booty . . . I'm sorry. You know we don't all talk like that. Pirates, I mean. I've been a pirate for six years and I haven't heard anyone say "argh matey" even once. Oh, well. My name is Indigo, and I'm a crew member of the Sea Scourge, one of the most feared pirate ships in the seven seas! My Captain has asked me to write a profile on our ship and its crew. He asked me because I'm young, and because I'm one of two literate pirates in the entire world, the other being old Carlisle. Maybe after you read about my crewmates and me, you'll think of pirates a little differently. Let's get started!

Maggie the Terrible (also known as the "One-Eyed Lass," or the "Irish Cyclops") is the wife of Captain Cardenio, and one of the most feared female pirates in the Atlantic. Despite her fearsome reputation, Maggie has a just, kindhearted soul. To us, she's Maggie the Mother, the matriarch of this great vessel, and the meanest cook you ever saw. If, Davy Jones forbid, something were to happen to the Captain, we would raise Maggie up to his post without a second thought!

Captain Cardenio is, like his wife, a just man, and the very reason I'm alive this day. As a child I served as a deck scrubber in the Royal Navy, and when my ship was wrecked during the Battle of Bright Isle, I was the only survivor. Cardenio rescued me and pounded on my chest until the ocean came out my nose. I owe this man my life, although I don't know much about him. His mysterious past is only eclipsed by his mysterious personality, which is as constant and as inconstant as the sea itself.

We picked up Orlando in a western swamp about six years ago. He's a lively rascal with one hell of a bite, and if you're not careful, he'll tear off your mast! That's what he did to the Death Freighter, the famous pirate ship that disappeared in the Pacific. Orlando ate the whole crew and half the ship before he was full. He likes us, though, we feed him sharks and that keeps him happy.