Fantastic Five: The Last Amazing Art Finds of May

Hey Mobsters! We are excited to share the stellar art we found across the web last week for our final Fantastic Five of May!

1. The Art of Alcohol

Pina Colada (Photograph by: BevShots) - Modern art with a twist: Booze become beautiful under a microscope. Read more on 22 Words.

Thanks to Garan Rodgers for sharing this with us on Google+!

2. Samindo Z

Illustration by: Andrés Maquinita

Our Mobster Diana Truong shared Andrés’s work with us in the Art section of our Google+ community. Wow, right?! You can check out more from this talented digital artist here

3. What Space Really Looks Like

Space illustration by: Nina Geometrieva

Diana also shared this awesome digital space art with us and we loved it! You can see more from the artist Nina here.

Also, follow Nina on Twitter here. 

4. Well, Hello Little Jim

Character design by: Mr Gulps

NeonMob Ambassador Sam Van Royen shared Little Jim by Mr Gulps with us in Creator Chat on our NeonMobsters community. Thanks Sam! You can check out more from Paris-based artist Mr Gulps on his blog.

5. From Green Hedge to Massive Dragon

Photograph by: Damien McFadden

BBC News - A 75-year-old man said he spent 13 years crafting a "boring" hedge into a 150ft-long (45.7m) giant dragon.

John Brooker sculpted the mystical creature out of the 10ft-high (3m) privet alongside his rented farm cottage in East Rudham, Norfolk. Read more on BBC News.

Until next time! Oh, and if you’d like to send us artwork to appear in our Fantastic Five posts, submit your suggestions on our Google+ community or email me at

Madison J.

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