Filtering Fun: How to Use Filters for Efficient Trading

Let’s face it. Trading is downright fun. And being a NeonMob trading master makes it even more fun.

Here are the two ways to use filters on NeonMob to quickly locate pieces you want to collect or trade away.

Filtering in Your Collections

In Your Collections, you can sort pieces based on ownership, favorites, duplicates, and rarities.

These filters will show you which pieces you own and don’t own, which pieces you have favorited, which pieces you have multiple prints of, and the rarity of each piece.

Here’s an example:

When looking for pieces to give away in a trade, it always makes sense to start with your duplicates. This way you aren’t giving away your only print of a piece. On a specific collection view (say, Somber by Karla Castañeda, as in the example provided), use the following filters to find, for instance, duplicate common pieces that you own:

  •    Owned
  •    Duplicate 
  •    Common (the grey gem)

Filtering When Trading

The other place where filters can help you trade is in the trading windows.  The filters that exist are:

  • Pieces you don’t own (indicated by the red 0) or all pieces

  • Singles (indicated by the grey 1x) or duplicates

  • Any rarity (indicated by the grey gem) or specific rarities

  • Collection name

  • Search for name

These filters can be seen in the window below:

Let’s use the same example as above, where we were searching for a duplicate common piece to give away. We will use the Merx collection by Craig Bruyn this time. 

Here’s how the filters would look in the trading window:

Once you’ve found the piece you want, select the purple “+” button to add the piece to the trade. Include a message and select the “Offer Trade” button to submit the trade.  

Voilà! You can check the status of the trade in Your Trades.

Now you are well on your way to becoming a NeonMob trading master! May the bartering forces be with you.

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