Fantastic Five: The Friday the 13th Edition

It’s Friday the 13th. There’s a full, really low Strawberry Moon tonight that may bring out all the crazies. There are solar flares coming towards Earth that may burn us all. But more importantly, there’s art! :) Here are our five fantastic art finds this week. 

1. For the Love of PEZ  

Character design by: PEZ Artwork

Ambassador Diana Truong shared a great piece with us from artist PEZ of France on Google+. Check out more from PEZ Artwork here.


Illustration by: Juan Carlos Paz (BAKEA)

Again, Diana we love you for all the art you share! Here’s another one of her awesome NeonMobsters community shares from artist Juan Carlos Paz aka BAKEA. Check out Juan on Tumblr.

3. Green Towers

Illustration by: Lorena Alvarez 

Artist Lorena’s The Wonderful Wizard of Oz tribute piece makes me love one of my favorites stories all over again. You can see more of Lorena’s work here. Thanks to our Ambassador Sam Van Royen for sharing! 

4. Beautiful Infection

Landscape concept art by: Jennifer Wüstling (Izaskun)

Landscape concept art by: Jennifer Wüstling (Izaskun)

Young, German-based artist Jennifer Wüstling’s landscape concept art is stunning. The piece above, as well as her piece entitled “Neptune’s Valley,” captured my attention, and I had to share it! You can see more of her landscape concepts here.

5. Honoring Australian Artist Gordon Bennett

Art by: Gordon Bennett

From "The Australian artist Gordon Bennett passed away on the 3rd of June. Reports have said the artist died of natural causes. Born in Queensland in 1955, of Aboriginal descent, Bennett tackled issues of race in Australia, indigenous heritage, global events, social issues and identity. His work hangs in most art museums around Australia and a number of important collections around the world." Read more on

That's it for this "Freaky Friday" edition of Fantastic Five! Please, when you find fantastic art across the web, share it with us on Google+

Madison J.

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