Redesigning NeonMob: Profile, Collection, and Pack Opening

As the builders of NeonMob, we're constantly making changes to our product.  Some of these changes you can see readily and some of them you can't, but they improve the experience in ways like making the platform more stable or speedy.  Over the next few weeks we will be rolling out a number of product changes that you will be sure to notice as you use the site.  We hope they make your experience with NeonMob more beautiful, intuitive and enjoyable. 

Today we are releasing the first of these redesigns related to the profile, display case, recent activity, and collection pages.  Here are some details around these changes.

Profile, Display Case, and Recent Activity

From your new master profile page, you can view and edit your bio, navigate to your latest collections, view your most recent activity, and manage your display case.  Previously all of these features were found on separate pages, and they are now consolidated.  The new display case now also provides you the option to allow NeonMob to auto-fill your display case with artwork from your collection.  

The "Current Collections" page, available previously, has been removed altogether to remove a feature we did not feel was well understood or especially useful to most people.

Collection Page

The collections page has a new coat of paint.  Unopened packs will no longer occupy the first slot in the collection (and potentially throw off the alignment of collections), but instead will appear above the artwork in the top-right of the page.  The filters have been reduced for simplicity. You may also more easily collect freebies or new packs  of a particular set from this page. The profile view at the top of this page has also been pared down to take up less vertical real estate.

Pack Opening

The pack opening experience (both freebies and paid packs) has been upgraded to allow you to see more details about the pieces you get, and also to receive custom messages about pieces you get (for example, when you get an extremely rare piece we offer a special celebration).

Providing Feedback

We hope you enjoy these changes although we expect that some of you may have mixed feelings.   Your feelings matter to us greatly, so please share your feedback with us by emailing, or you can click on the purple feedback button on the left-hand of the screen within NeonMob.

What's next

Over the coming days and weeks, we will release a number of other updates, including our home page, the Explore section and set detail pages!  We will use our in-app messaging to fill you in on these changes as well.

- Mike