11 Insanely Talented Lady Artists You Should Follow on Instagram Immediately

Why let your Instagram feed devolve into an endless parade of babies, pets, and brunch when you can use it as an endless source of creative and visual inspiration?
From fashion designers to children's book creators, from big names to hidden gems, here are eleven female artists to add to your Instagram feed ASAP.

Kendra Dandy
Philadelphia-based artist and pattern designer Kendra Dandy is perhaps the most prolific artist on Instagram, posting new work at least once a day. Her cheeky patterns have covered lipstick tubes for Anthropologie, tote bags for Baba Souk, and she even has her own Appliq nail pattern decals. Follow for a daily dose of visual delight, punchy humor, and mesmerizing patterns.

Kerrie Hess
An Australian fashion illustrator who's worked with everyone from Chanel to Louis Vuitton, Kerrie posts lush watercolors, pen-and-ink creations, and work-in-progress full-scale paintings. Her work will both inspire you — and have you wishing for a European vacation. 

Sofia Schizas
Sofia is a visual artist based out of Barcelona whose work ranges from pattern creation to illustration to simple drawings to watercolors. Her use of bold colors, playful patterns, and juxtaposed mediums will remind you of Paul Klee and have you reaching for your pens and paints.

Mizna Wada
If your tastes tend toward the dark and gritty (to say nothing of the uncomfortably couple), you'll love Mizna's creepy little works of art. She combines doll-like imagery with "blood," ghosts, and monsters, often using discomfortingly cheery color schemes. Best to stop scrolling after dark.

Helen Stephens
Helen Stephens is a well-known and well-loved illustrator of children's books, whose work includes such sweet picture books as How to Hide a Lion and The Night Iceberg. What's inspiring about her Instagram is that she shares not only her illustrations and works-in-progress, but also the visual inspiration she takes from her surroundings.

Alia Penner
If you like pop art, you'll love, love, love Alia's work. It's colorful (is there a word for extra-mega-colorful?), playful, and incorporates celebrity culture and California living. She tags her collage work #AliasColoringBook, an apt description that will inspire you to create "coloring books" of your very own.

Rachel Ryle
Rachel describes herself as an illustrator, animator, and storyteller, and her work on Instagram reflects a perfect blend of those roles. She's fond of posting sweet instavideo animations that are innovative, creative, and delightfully fresh. If you want to feel extra-inspired (or maybe extra-jealous), check out the work she created with her non-dominant hand while recovering from tendonitis in her right arm.  

Erin Wallace
Erin is a Seattle-based artist whose work combines letterpress, illustration, watercolors, and much, much more. Her subject matter is just as diverse as her skill set -- recently posted illustrations include scores of leggings (seriously), a portrait of her listening to the radio with her cat, a series of air plants, and a festive holiday watermelon.

Maggie Li
Maggie Li is a London-based illustrator and art director, and has created illustrations for The New York Times, intricate illustrations for children's books about bugs and the human body, maps for cities around the world, and much, much more. But what you'll truly get lost in are the images she creates that elevate the everyday into art.

Raina Telgemeier
Raina is best known as the creator behind beloved children's and YA graphic novels, from Smile to the graphic adaptations of The Baby-Sitters Club. She posts daily works in progress from upcoming projects (while craftily avoiding spoiler alerts) and sources of visual inspiration from her life in Astoria, Queens. Her heaps of already-published books will encourage you to get cracking already.


Lauren Hoffman

Lauren Hoffman lives and writes in Seattle, Washington. By day, she's a freelance writer and editor; by night, she's at work completing a book-length non-fiction project, Up High Down Low.